Monday, May 4, 2015

TRAFFIC BOOST FEATURES: The Pros and Woes of Internet Marketing: M LM Crunch

Jonah D. Martin

4 May 2015

                                      The Pros and Woes of Internet Marketing: M LM Crunch

Damned if you do, and dammed if you don’t; Upgrade?

When it comes to the Woes and the Pros of internet marketing, M L M is one of the most frustrating businesses to deal with.  For those that are not familiar with M L M, it stands for Multi-level-marketing.  More popular ones are:

1. Avon.

2. Tupperware.  And ones like those.

Multi-Level Marketing

      However, on the internet though, we have some want-to-be network marketing companies that are masquerading as true multi-level marketing companies, but really they boarder-line on get rich quick scams.  They us the hype to up-sell newbies, giving them false hopes of making big bucks fasts, and if one cannot afford to upgrade they limit how much one can do with the account as an incentive to upgrade. Why are marketers targeting other or newbies in order to net big M L M bucks?more

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